AKFC Testimonials

Dumfries, VA: Youth Camp and Defender Specialty Camp

“Staff was well organized and friendly. Plenty of opportunity for learning new skills. The best part according to my daughter was getting to ask Ali questions and having Ali participate with them at the different stations.”

“Ali and her crew were all extremely helpful and welcoming. They treated both my daughters with respect. Ali was very genuine and related with the athletes. Both of my daughters were so happy to meet her and to train with Ali and the coaches.”
“My daughter had a wonderful time at the camp! She wants to do another one! Keep them coming”
“The AKFC was an exceptional experience! Skill development is key to advancing in the game and AKFC provided those skills twofold. Definitely looking forward to the next AKFC camp!”
“My eight-year-old was so motivated and honored to be at the Ali Krieger camp, she went to all of her friends on Monday and showed them everything she got and pictures that she took. She was so super excited. I’m very thankful for the opportunity that Ali has given to young girls.”
“The camp was VERY well run. Everyone was so nice and it was awesome to be recognized as an individual, and not just one of the parents. We did drive 2 and a half hours to get there, but would definitely do it again! The cost was reasonable, as my daughter was the one who worked to pay for the registration fee and gas to get there. Not only was she able to meet and spend time with one of her idols, she also learned and was able to get instruction from top-notch coaches. Absolutely beautiful facilities and perfect day. Will definitely come back! Thank you so much for the awesome experience!”
“It was worth every penny! It was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

Dumfries, VA: Adult Camp

“She’s taken us to her field, her hometown, and she’s teaching us with her crew how to play football. It’s so intimate and close that they made us feel like family or like super close friends — amazing.”
“I had fun at the night time when we got to have drinks and food we got to meet Ali personally. And then the next day we got to play; there’s two sessions and you get to do a bunch of drills, you get to play, and Ali’s there the whole time, so it was a great experience.”
“It kicked my butt a little bit but I had so much fun… everyone was just very laid back and chill.”
“The facility and field is gorgeous and you can see the pride Ali and her staff have! This experience motivated me to step up and want to take part in her camps next year as an adult!!! Loved it!”
“AKFC in an amazing experience for any athlete.”

Lancaster, PA: Youth Camp

“This was my first player camp I’ve been to and everyone was so nice and the experience was great!”
“This was the BEST camp my daughter has been to so far out of 5 other players. Ali, you truly are one of a kind and I can’t thank you enough for your empowering speech at the end of the clinic today!!! Thank you for giving back to the kids, they look up to you so much!”
“Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience for my daughter at the Saturday session in Lancaster!  You and your entire team have great energy and were very approachable.  My daughter will remember this for the rest of her life.  Ali, thank you for being such a positive role model for these young female athletes.  You went the extra mile to connect with them individually and with us parents, using your influence to encourage us and them.  I would say your camp exceeded our expectations in this regard. Keep up the excellent work!  You gave my daughter one of the best days of her life!”